Web Hosting Services

 Our Web Hosting Servers provide you with a comprehensive collection of hosting services of all sizes. We understand for your business to remain competitive, profitable and flexible. We offer various options to fit and meet your specific business needs, from dedicated servers to Virtual Private Servers . 

– Dedicated Servers

 You should consider to configure fully dedicated servers for mission critical, namely “demanding”, applications like online databases, mail services, Web servers, etc. For those, we use only enterprise-grade server hardware for stability and dependability to ensure your sensitive applications perform perfectly without errors.

– Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide reasonable server performance at less cost of dedicated servers. Even with today’s high security demands imposed on any companies, our VPS solutions provide the safety, security and cost saving solution to you. Full control of the server is maintained in the same way as a dedicated server, from root access to remote rebooting, etc.

– Server Colocation

 Don’t take risks by hosting your business server at home or in the office on a DSL or a T1 line. House your company’s critical Internet hardware in a secure and power-protected environment at reliable outsourced collocation facility. Ensure your data is safe, secure and online by hosting your servers in our durable and robust data center. All our collocated servers support remote reboot, serial consoles, firewalls and multi-homed bandwidth at reasonable cost to you.